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advanced aerial systems and services

Remote Intelligence provides Unmanned Aerial Drone Services to a variety of clients; from Industrial Mapping and Ecosystem Services, to Search and Rescue, to Home Owner Aerial photography, we provide sales and consulting services for all markets. 

Winter is the best time to take advantage of our Thermal Imaging Technology services. Whether you need deer density studies necessary for deer management, building heat loss and stray voltage identification, or even pond/lake, sewer/septic leakage discovery... our unmanned aerial systems with thermal technology onboard can give enhanced understanding of your project.  

With our team of Wildlife Biologists, Land Planners, and GIS specialists we can help you accomplish your goals with expertise and confidence. Winter is the very best time of the year to take advantage of this great resource. We offer affordable options for projects that previously would have been out of reach due to the cost of thermal technology. Please contact us if you are interested in pricing, programs, or service options. Mention this page for a special mid-season discount. 

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