Remote Intelligence, LLC.

advanced aerial systems and services

Remote Intelligence provides Unmanned Aerial Drone Services to a variety of clients; from Industrial Mapping and Ecosystem Services, to Search and Rescue, to Home Owner Aerial photography, we provide sales and consulting services for all markets. 

For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?
— Jesus (The Bible, Mark 8:36)

One founding principal of Remote Intelligence is the understanding that life is about more than the pursuit of wealth. As such the partners of RI have created a sustainable fund and disbursement flow that endeavors to give back to communities on local levels through stategic partnerships with churches and non-profits who work directly in communities to raise people up to their fullest potential  both spiritually and socio/economically. We believe that through discipleship relationships, individuals can be poured into in a way that creates a healthier more productive world. 

Applications will be taken and reviewed by the RI Legacy Fund Board and distributions will be given as that board sees fit. Non-profits, Churches, or Individuals may apply. Eligible entities must focus on a discipleship based process of nurturing people and can be awarded toward a variety of endeavors including but not limited to education, church planting, mission focused community improvement, and/or orphan care. | 800.341.5609 | professional drone services

Part 107 Certified Pilots | Night Waiver Certified | Insured