Remote Intelligence, LLC.

advanced aerial systems and services

Remote Intelligence provides Unmanned Aerial Drone Services to a variety of clients; from Industrial Mapping and Ecosystem Services, to Search and Rescue, to Home Owner Aerial photography, we provide sales and consulting services for all markets. 

Energy Development requires intensive mapping  in project design and layout, and in most cases up-to-date imagery is unavailable.  Remote Intelligence can provide real-time, high resolution imagery and mapping of energy project locations.


Unmanned aerial systems are rapidly deployed and can fly low enough to gather detailed information about many aspects of the project site, including topographic features, water bodies, wetlands (in many cases), and other habitats or structures of interest.


Using leading edge software, high resolution topographic models can be generated and overlaid with the imagery to create 3 dimensional orthomodels precise enough for most engineering needs in site-planning.

We can also conduct periodical surveys of sites to monitor success of plantings or look for developing problems. | 800.341.5609 | professional drone services

Part 107 Certified Pilots | Night Waiver Certified | Insured