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Remote Intelligence provides Unmanned Aerial Drone Services to a variety of clients; from Industrial Mapping and Ecosystem Services, to Search and Rescue, to Home Owner Aerial photography, we provide sales and consulting services for all markets. 

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Shale Insight 2014

As the industry continues to develop for the use of UAS's on US soil we find it critical to seek out strategic opportunities to share this exciting new technology with corporations and individuals. The Shale Insight 2014 Conference, just wrapped up and we had the pleasure of co-operating a booth with one of our favorite companies Wildlife Specialists. It was a great opportunity to meet with leaders in the industry and introduce the use of highly efficient, quickly deployable, extremely precise UAS's for up to date mapping and site services. 

The team did a great job of educating, inspiring, and making excellent new contacts with many of the key people in this exciting industry. | 800.341.5609 | professional drone services

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