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Remote Intelligence provides Unmanned Aerial Drone Services to a variety of clients; from Industrial Mapping and Ecosystem Services, to Search and Rescue, to Home Owner Aerial photography, we provide sales and consulting services for all markets. 

Thermal Deer Survey's

Thermal Deer survey's are a great tool for wildlife management. Here's an example of a single frame from both a standard RGB camera and the Flir Infrared Camera side by side. Both are capturing the same piece of forest but the thermal clearly stands out for getting a real count of animals on the ground.

Let us know if we can help you in managing your properties natural resources. Certified Wildlife Biologist on staff.

Deer Survey Thermal.jpg

Simulated Crash Scene

Working in conjunction with RTI International and NCDOT to demonstrate the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Crash Scene Investigation. This is video of a simulated crash scene in which a vehicle collides with a light pick-up truck carrying passengers in the cargo bed.

Emergency Response

When tragedy strikes it's important to have eyes on the situation immediately. We've been working hard to make sure local responders have as much information as possible to respond to the worst situations. Here's a short video from the recent snap thaw here in north central Pennsylvania. 

It's amazing to see the power of water in all it's forms liquid, solid and gas. 

Landfill Maintenance and Monitoring

In addition to mapping and managing eco-systems, Remote Intelligence also can provide much needed data for managing large scale ongoing projects like solid waste management facilities. This week we began the process of monitoring this site. In addition to helping our client keep track of the property, they also receive volumetric data to track the rate of fill and predict lifespan of the project. 

Here are some examples of an ortho-mosaic and color elevation map created using our drones. From the 3D point cloud model we're able to determine volumetric measurements for the capacity of the landfill. 

SEDSG 2016

Our own Rob Schwarz is in attendance at the 39th Annual Meeting of the Southeast Deer Study Group held in Charlotte, North Carolina. We're presenting some research and developments on the use of thermal imaging via Unmanned Aerial Systems. Be sure to look for our poster and check in with Rob if you're there. 

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 10.04.35 AM.png

We're excited to share our findings with those who work hard to protect and manage wildlife populations. With our Wildlife Biologists, Land Management Specialists and GIS Specialists on staff we help our clients find the best ways to make sure that human, land and wildlife assets are managed well. 

If you're interested in learning more about thermal technology click here


A Busy Fall 2015

The fall has kept us at Remote Intelligence very busy! While continuing to serve our growing list of very satisfied clients we’ve also had the opportunity to present at or attend several major conferences. Here are a few of our highlights! 

Ohio GIS conference

    Columbus, Ohio

    September 21-23


NW PA GIS Conference

    Clarion, Pennsylvania

    October 15


American Society of Landscape Architects National Convention

    Chicago, Illinois

    November 6-9



Wildlife Habitat Council's National Conservation Conference

    Baltimore, Maryland

    November 11-12



    North Carolina

    November 16

    Workshop for Unmanned Aircraft and Remote Sensing 

    for Academic and Applied Research


Lancaster County GIS Day

    Litiz, Pennsylvania

    November 20

    Keynote Speaker




    Penn State Extension Oil and Gas Webinar


    GIS for Strategic Asset Management Webinar




    Summer 2015 Newsletter


    UAS Workgroup (Marcellus Shale Coalition)

    Fall 2015 Newsletter



    WETM TV News Interview

    The FAA’s requirement for registration of Drones in the US

    October 20

    Click here to watch

Brookfield Maple Products

Being based in rural Pennsylvania allows RI to work with many businesses that work in ecology based services and products. In June we had the pleasure of helping Brookfield Maple Products gain a better understanding of precisely how the contours of their 320 hundred acre maple "sugar bush" forest lays out. They now have a detailed ortho-mosaic (photo) and topographic contours (at 5 foot intervals) of their property. 

Pennsylvania GIS Conference 2015

Remote Intelligence was proud to lead the first session ever about UAV’s at the PA GIS Conference 2015 in State College, Pa. This technology is of ever increasing importance in the GIS industry, as well as many other industries. Co-founder and partner, Rob Schwarz, talked about the basics of UAV’s, the current FAA standards and ways to get authorized, and how to incorporate data from UAV’s into a GIS workflow. The session was well attended and generated much discussion throughout the conference and keynote presentations. Remote Intelligence looks forward to its leadership in the UAV/GIS future and how they can assist local and state government, and private industry, with incorporating such technology into their GIS.

What makes RI who we are?

Recently Remote Intelligence had the opportunity to apply for a some grant funding via Mission Main Street, from Chase. The application asked some fantastic questions. We thought we'd take the opportunity to share some of these answers with you.


1. Tell us about your business and what makes it unique. Please provide a general description of your product, customers, competitive landscape, and overall performance.

Remote Intelligence, LLC, is a small business in rural Pennsylvania that focuses its talents in wildlife biology, management, and conservation mapping with the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS or Drones). To utilize these systems we have invested in sophisticated equipment, computers, mapping software, marketing materials, and hiring an operations tech. We desire to continue to expand on our rapport of performing safe missions while delivering quality mapping and imagery. We help clients improve Ecosystem Conservation Services by providing 3D topographic mapping, wildlife density surveys, habitat monitoring, wetland surveys, agricultural crop surveys, etc. We assist the Conservation in Energy Development industry by performing mapping and surveys that help determine where NOT to develop, saving habitat and species that are sensitive. Our clients are diverse, ranging from energy developers and engineers to tourism promotion agencies and conservation non-profits. Our competition is minimal presently, but this is a growth market. Some traditional mapping and engineering firms are experimenting with adding unmanned aerial services to their offerings, but the required investment in equipment, software, and experience favors a firm such as ours focused on this technology to provide the services in a safe and quality manner.

2. What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? Describe both your greatest achievements and biggest challenges.

I (Phil) have always been fascinated in technology helping people. Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, I was greatly inspired by my father, who owned a small construction company and later a general store. He was able to provide for our family while also serving the community. This demonstrated the value of community-minded small businesses and inspired me to start my own. Our partners have been testing and using drones for over 10 years, and creating other successful startups (Wildlife Specialists, Tioga Window Washing, Steward Green). As Remote Intelligence, we pioneered estimating deer and other large mammal densities with UAS-based thermal imaging to inform wildlife biologists and community planners working to reduce vehicular collisions or diseases, and support habitat conservation. We also mapped sensitive wildlife habitats like Bald Eagle or American Alligator nests with minimal disturbance. In the energy development field RI has provided useful project mapping and monitoring services, and we are working with our clients and university partners to integrate new sensors and technology to address more of their needs efficiently and safely. We have been challenged by identifying equipment and processes to provide reliable and safe results at higher-quality and more economically than traditional techniques.

3. How is your business involved with the community you serve? Examples include: giving back to the community, sourcing locally, and/or contributing to economic development via hiring.

Remote Intelligence has helped the community of Wellsboro in Tioga County, PA in a number of ways. Upon request, we have investigated natural disasters such as floods to assist in emergency response. RI has demonstrated thermal imaging to simulate snowmobile search and rescues in the mountainous wild, another tool to aid in a real life situation locally. We hire and train local residents with interest and potential in a new tech industry; this is important in our rural farming community that has been depressed economically. We provide discounted imaging services to the county Visitors Bureau and local businesses to highlight the region’s recreational features and attract visitors for economic development. We teach classes on operating drones safely, speak to school and community groups, and perform demonstrations for little or no charge. Our mapping missions help to conserve the natural environment in this region so dependent on the ecology of the area. Remote Intelligence has supported student projects at Cedarville University as an investment in the future. We are forming a non-profit to channel a portion of our proceeds, and UAS services, to areas of need worldwide for humanitarian efforts.

4. What would a $100,000 grant mean to your business and how will you utilize the funds? Please be as specific as possible.

Remote Intelligence has recently completed Phase I of our growth plan, hired limited staff (partners have been donating their time), bought military grade professional drone systems, developed our services, applied for a Section 333 Exemption from FAA, and secured our first several clients in diverse sectors, with a strong emphasis in the energy development field. Our next phase of growth requires us to produce quality mapping, thermal imaging, and other specialized surveys for larger clients who have expressed a desire to work with us. In order to meet their needs, we need to hire more staff, integrate more drones with specialized optics, and purchase more software licenses. The FAA will also soon introduce regulations to ensure operational safety of UAS. While we welcome the regulations, we also need to prepare for compliance. Specifically we need to complete instruction for 2-3 pilots’ licenses. We need to add employees (4-6), new UA Systems (3),a LIDAR sensor, a Gas leak sensor, an Agricultural Crop Soil sensor, and additional licenses for our preferred mapping software. These funds would position us to move into a sustainable level, from which we could grow and expand our services and impact.

5. What are your short-term (1-2 years) and long-term growth plans for the business? How will this grant contribute to your plan?

For the next 12-18 months this grant would greatly increase our ability to remain loyal to our growth plan, our clients, our employees, and the community by allowing us to continue to grow and train others in this growing industry while providing the services currently being requested by our clients. Currently we do not have the funding necessary to make this “leap” that needs to happen in the next couple of months, transitioning from a startup to a sustainable operation. In our longer term plan we intend to expand operations nationally and internationally, yet keep our home base in rural Pennsylvania where we have started. Future plans include working across the US and globally, especially in 3rd world countries such as Liberia (we have meetings there next month) to create systems that can deliver blood samples and medical supplies to and from remote areas that desperately need this service. We also plan to develop a disaster response team that can be mobilized globally to aid in emergency response needs. We have begun and plan to continue to support teaching programs in colleges and universities, to encourage students to join us in this high tech industry as pilots, operators, and entrepreneurs. | 800.341.5609 | professional drone services

Part 107 Certified Pilots | Night Waiver Certified | Insured